Sudhir Venkatesh

Sex Work

Venkatesh and his students have been studying the sex work industry in Chicago and New York since the mid 1990s. The study includes a wide range of male and female sex workers: the sample includes immigrant women landing in America who turn to sex work for survival; high-end escorts who charge their clients several thousand dollars per session; and suburban women for whom sex work is a part-time means of supplementing income.

Project Publications include:

Article with Eva Rosen:
A "Perversion" of Choice: Sex Work Offers Just Enough in Chicago’s Urban Ghetto

Article with Alexandra Murphy:
Vice Careers: The changing contours of sex work in New York City

Slate article:
Did Eliot Spitzer get caught because he didn't spend enough on prostitutes?

Freakonomics Blog:
Do High-End Sex Workers Have it Easier?

Sex Trade Economics