Sudhir Venkatesh


Chitra Abhidya is a young social worker. A daughter of well-to-do Indian immigrants, Chitra has had little exposure to the effects of 9/11 on South Asians until she accepts a job to counsel families in Queens, NY who are caught up in the immigration process. She is quickly overwhelmed by the needs of her clients and the toll that detention and deportation can bring. Her world spirals out of control as she confronts a side of America she has never seen.

She befriends Lizann Winthrop, a blue-blood W.A.S.P from Manhattan's Upper East Side. Lizann raises money for the poor in India. Her overseas philanthropy blinds her to the needs of Chitra's clients and their friendship becomes strained as they figure out who come first: the poor at home or abroad? When Rajesh, an immigrant worker, arrives in desperate need of help, his needs fall victim to their drama. "Abhidya" the Sanskrit word meaning "desire," is the story of what happens when love blinds.